2 weeks of Tinder

After much persuasion from my friend, I decided to give Tinder a try. Here’s my brief experience of it, feel free to laugh at all my profile pics. Continue reading


My month of cold showers

I showered in only cold water for a month. Stupid idea? Possibly. But it was a challenge I’d been wanting to try out for a couple of years, so I did it. It also gave me an excuse to take a photo of myself nude in the shower and put it on the internet, something which I found challenging in itself. Continue reading

My month without social media

I quit social media for a month. When I say social media, I mean Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and 4chan, despite the dubiousness of some of these sites being “social”. As such, I’m now torn where to actually promote this blog post, and so I’m hoping that someone randomly finds it and shares it. Or maybe I should get Twitter… Continue reading

Nearly 3 AM, why am I here Jeff, why?

From starting up this blog to snorting chilli sauce in Laos, there’s plenty of interesting experiences I’ve had late at night. I wrote this post years ago after getting really into Jeff Goins and feeling all motivated to start blogging. I then got slack, single and shitfaced, left it for a year or two and have recently revived it (2016).

Here is a bit of background about me, circa 2014. Continue reading