I’ve been making music and putting it online in some form or another for over 10 years now. Trying to find where I’ve put it is another story.

If you want to be taken on a journey, with looped, dark ambient music interspaced periodically with industrial hip hop, try The Amazing Sloth Rider. I’ve brought out various things that can be found on iTunes, Spotify etc, or you can scroll to the bottom of this page and listen to the inbuilt player. I’ve also got a youtube page you can check out here.

Alternatively, you can check out a band camp link here

If you like your musical journey to be more along the lines of prog rock, then check out Sectape. Evolving from the depths of guitarist Maruo Ochoa’s mind, this psychedelic journey kicks you in the face before gently lowering you to the ground and giving you a cuddle. A cuddle made of more kicks.

You can check out the first EP here

If you like punk ethics with a bass driven sound, you’re probably going to like Soundscrape. Frequently improvised music interspaced with difficult to decipher philosophy, this is ugly music you need to turn up and get lost in. Soundscrape is the grime you need on your spotless soul.

†Then, hidden deep in the depths of soundcloud, there’s some classic gems that show where the journey began. There’s what was essentially my first band, Sunflowers in the Paisley From the ashes of a house fire came The Lunch Cutters and The Bookworms. My first forays into solo loop building made The Cult of Fluffy Thompkins which progressed into becoming The Mumbling Stumbler, and my first time being played on the radio.

There’s been other projects along the way and thousands of hours of music played, practised, recorded, and lost.