Just some thoughts on life.

I don’t like to put myself into a box anymore. I don’t like the question what do you do? It implies that if you don’t “do” something then you have no worth. I instead like to ask people what do they do for fun. Watching TV can be fun. Reading can be fun. Meditating, socialising, masturbating, there’s many things you can do for fun. But what do you do? That’s a shitty question and implies something job related in my eyes.

I guess looking up weird shit on the internet is what I used to do for fun. This post is kind of disturbing.

A short adventure

I had a wedding in Bali to go to in June. So, naturally, I booked a return ticket to KL with 5 weeks in-between flights and no plan of where I was going to go. This story has nothing to do with Bali, and everything to do with cheesy romance.

*this picture is of Scott’s hands pre him getting virtual reality. I think they have been busy since.

My month of cold showers

I showered in only cold water for a month. Stupid idea? Possibly. But it was a challenge I’d been wanting to try out for a couple of years, so I did it. It also gave me an excuse to take a photo of myself nude in the shower and put it on the internet, something which I found challenging in itself.

My month without social media

I quit social media for a month. When I say social media, I mean Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and 4chan, despite the dubiousness of some of these sites being “social”. As such, I’m now torn where to actually promote this blog post, and so I’m hoping that someone randomly finds it and shares it. Or maybe I should get Twitter…