So you want to know about me? I’ll tell you a bit about me.

I made a blog site a while back and infrequently posted on it. I then forgot to renew the domain name. Look, long story short is I thought fuck it, I post infrequently, I’m a slothful writer.

Incidentally, I also make music under the moniker The Amazing Sloth Rider. It made sense, the stars aligned, here we are.

I know that this is something that right now is up to date but vague, and one day I’ll either kick myself for not updating it more, or I’ll read this back and think I’ve shared too much. Actually this entire blog is probably overshare, but fuck it you know.

Couple more highlights (some are straight off my resume)

  • I once solved a rubix cube
  • I learnt how to ride a unicycle
  • I wrote the first draft of a novel in a month (done that 3 times now)
  • I made a soundtrack album under the name the Mumbling Stumbler, using just an iPhone to record my guitar and then I edited it in iTunes
  • I try and release a new album every year. I’m also trying to write a new book every year, but am yet to have anything at a “shareable” state. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually blog a bit more about the rewrite process

Actually fuck it, while I’m at it I should also put some links up here and shit hey. Here’s my Bandcamp and Spotify if you use those nifty things. Bandcamp also has some earlier stuff, and to be honest it’s got more of a spiel about what each album is about and that. But whatever, you can listen to it at either place.

Then there’s the other band I’m in, Sectape. Here’s a link to the Bandcamp and Spotify

To be honest, in this moment, there’s not a whole lot more to say. I need to get back to rewriting my book, as it’s day 1 of camp nanowrimo in April, 2018, and it’s 10 PM. I’ve got to put in my hours work for the day, and I’ll run out of time if I don’t do it soon.

I guess the only other thing I can say is I hope you enjoy your wander around in my mind.


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