Music for the stone people

The stone people live down the road from me. On my third week of the Dvorak challenge I wrote about them and that clip had one of the songs I made for them.

As you can see from that clip, I have gotten a bit quicker at typing. It was inevitable as I type everyday but I am still quite slow, I think I’m around 25 words per minute now. I was doing typing tests and practising a lot and then I heard some news and realised that while I was sitting here in my room being the equivalent of a fucking (or rather, celibate) monk, people were getting on with their lives. It’s suddenly summer and there’s little to no Covid or precautions where I live.

In short, it’s time I left my house and socialised a bit. I don’t want life to pass me by.

The stone people represented an open loop I had been wanting to close since September last year. Yeah, it took me that fucking long to make enough music I was happy with. I attempted to make things for them but I can rarely make a specific kind of music. The stone people have children and I have a tendency to make noise.

Throughout the year I recorded everything I did. I then sat down and edited down the 9 hours into 50 minutes. Most songs got cut and even now I don’t know if I could have cut it a bit more.

But fuck it, it’s done. Here’s a link to it.

Time for me to get to bed. I’m planning on getting out and about tomorrow, hang out with people and see some live music. Enough hiding away at home.

One thought on “Music for the stone people

  1. Just a Hack says:

    I met a 100 people yesterday on the train “ holding the rail listening to ( The sloth rider) my pants fell down , ok it was only a brief moment ,,,


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