Just a quick one

Look, I normally take my time with my blog. I sit down and I write up something, then spend another week or so editing it. I know it’s pointless, as no one really reads this, but I figure if I’m going to put something out into the world, then I’ll make it as good as I can.

Right now, I’ve updated the name. It’s still the same blog posts and stuff, it’s just redirected to a different site. I have no illusions that I’ll post any more frequently but I wanted it back online as it disappeared for a while there.

Apart from that, well today marks one year since I last shaved. That’s not nearly as awesome as it may sound as it just means I leave facial pubes everywhere. It’s the longest I’ve ever grown a beard for though, so that’s something.


I also stopped smoking about 3 hours ago. I can feel a craving now, and I’m just reminding myself that it’s a pretty minor feeling really. I’m not going to go on a smoking rant, but I’m looking forward to a couple of days/weeks from now where I don’t get the physical cravings anymore. Whatever, it’s poison purging from my body, it’s irritating but it will go. The hard part for me is not getting drunk and then lighting up if someone offers me one.

What else. Today is the first day of camp nano, and while I was planning on doing a blog about that, and probably will, right now I’m rapidly running out of time to get some work done. I need to write for 30 hours this month. I’m rewriting the story I wrote last year which I didn’t even blog about! I wrote the blog but never posted it as I couldn’t get it “right”. I’m starting to think fuck it, I spend all this time crafting a blog post, but maybe I’m better off posting more of these free association posts. Then again I might delete this in a few days.

Regardless, I need to fucking go! I need to put in my one hour of work, so that come tomorrow, I can put in another hours work instead of facing two hours of work. To be honest though, it’s not even the hours put in, like per day. It’s the consistency. I’ve been rewriting this story for 20 days, since the 20th of Feb. I don’t know how many hours I’ve put in, and it’s kind of irrelevant. The important thing is that I’ve been consistently opening up the manuscript, and working on it. I had illusions of rewriting in 3 months, but after those 20 days, and still being on chapter 5, I’m changing my aim a bit. Still, I am rewriting every fucking word. I wrote 160,000 words in the month of November last year. It was roughly a scene/chapter a day or maybe 2. Now, the pace has changed, but I’m using that original structure.

Enough wanking on about that. Time for me to get to work.

IMG_4045 1
This was me in February. It’s the quickest thing I could find that showed off how long that beard is, as when it’s dry, it goes out everywhere.

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