A month passes me by




Alright world, I’ve slacked off. I haven’t done any challenges since the Tinder challenge, and I only did that for a couple of weeks. But so be it, life gets in the way sometimes, and it’s not like I set out to do a challenge every month of the year, it just started to happen after the social media one.

So this blog post isn’t going to be about the challenges I’ve done. Rather, I want to type. I enjoy writing and, even though I’ve never actually had a visitor to my blog, I think I should continue to update it roughly monthly.

It just so happens that this month, I don’t have a challenge to write about.

Now for all of the challenges, I kept a journal. I wrote down a brief description of what I did during the day, and also how I felt the challenge impacted my life. The only journal I’ve got to work off now is the few days I typed after the tinder challenge, my work diary, and my shitty memory.

In the past month, I’ve played two gigs (twice in one night for Blitzgig 2), I’ve been to a 30th and seen six comedy shows during the comedy fest over three nights. I’ve also worked nine nightshifts, gone out and gotten fucked up watching bands at least three times and jammed four times with different bands, not counting all the hours of solo practice I’ve been doing recently for the gigs. That’s 22 nights covered out of the month. I made six music video clips to play in the background for the gigs I had, I did two songs for the internets “make a thing” group, and I made another video last night and put it on youtube. You can check it out here.

I’ve also been hanging out with La when I haven’t been busy. That’s the girl from the tram.

I know what you’re possibly thinking. Everyone gets busy, why should I give a fuck? And the answer is, you shouldn’t. This is my blog post, I’ll type whatever the fuck I want. Tonight, as I sit here after roughly 3 hours sleep from working last night, I feel like looking back and seeing what the fuck I’ve done and why I feel so tired.

Truth is, I’m knackered. I am looking forward to some chill time, and by that I mean sit around and read a book. Switch off my brain for a while. Those 22 nights I mentioned, almost every one of those is a night when I have either not slept due to work or been up to stupid o’clock getting drunk out of my mind. Or, in the case of the jams, days when I’ve dragged my sorry arse either out of bed after a bit of sleep from a nightshift or driven down from Melbourne to Geelong in a hungover state. I think it’s pretty accurate to say I’ve been running on 3-4 hours sleep daily, and then crashing once a week and getting a “long” 8 hours to catch up.

And I think I’m sick of it.

I’m not sick of going out and having fun. I still enjoy that. But I’m sick of waking up with a hangover, but instead of being able to lie around and feel sorry for myself, I’ve got to get up and be motivated. I’m sick of working nightshifts and then being up and trying to be fully active 4 hours later, be it drinking breakfast beers or trying to jam. It’s causing me to get drunker quicker, and then I’m making poor decisions that I’m regretting the next day. And the music suffers too when I’m tired. It must, life is balance.

But now, at least for the next little while, I’m not going to do any more solo gigs. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I want to nail the next gig. I want my shit to be really tight. And right now, it’s not. I’ve had pedals fuck up. I’ve had power source issues and I’ve been playing songs that don’t feel finished to me as I want to sing on them a bit more.

So this is my big rest.

Well no, not really. Because I’m working towards the next gig. I think I’m going to be playing with the Electric I in June, and I want to smash it. So instead of thinking I’ve got till June, I’m thinking shit, I’ve only got like 6 weeks. I’ll be ready by then, but I want it to be good.

The real rest comes during June, maybe the day after the gig. It’s Kaisee and Luke’s wedding in Bali, and after that I’m going to go to Sri Lanka and spend a month there. At this stage I don’t know what I’ll be doing. I have no plans. But I’ll most likely film some stuff. Maybe do some surfing. Chill. I think chill sounds good.

I should do another challenge though before then. I’ve got an idea for one too, it’s just a bit intimidating.

It’s a month of abstinence.

No drinking. No smoking. No wanking. If I’m with a girl we can do stuff, but I can’t do anything by myself.

I think it’s going to be an irritable month. I should probably warn my housemates.

I haven’t set a time frame for it as yet. I don’t have a lot of tobacco left. I’ve got a couple of beers in the fridge. I think maybe I should get through all of them, and then just start it.

As for possible challenges during this time period, I’ve got Clint’s 30th in a couple of weeks. I also might have another gig with Dronehell and possibly one with Chalk Dreams. But that’s cool. I don’t need to drink for them.

See how bad my fucking mentality. I don’t need to drink. Like there’s some situations where I don’t just want to, but I need to. Maybe I should start this challenge sooner rather than later.

The way I’m feeling now, I feel like I should be starting this tomorrow. I normally have a big blow out before I have a crack at stopping smoking. I’ll drink countless beers and smoke till my lungs hurt, so that day 1 passes easily.

But if I’m going to do this legit, maybe I should measure… something? I don’t know, like lung capacity or liver function test or sperm count or something. That involves going to a dr. I was planning on doing some stuff like that tomorrow before work, depends on how I sleep.

Ah fuck it. I’ve written 1000 words, no one will read this anyway, I’m going to post it and maybe post an update in about 30-40 days when I’ve followed through and finished the challenge.

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