Hello. You’ve reached my place on the internet. From here you can follow the weird, wonderful, and stupid things I infrequently post about on my blog, discover music I’ve created, and one day read some short stories.

This started off as a blog site but over time I found myself posting infrequently. Sometimes I’m a dedicated writer whereas other times I lean towards music.

As some of these blogs show I’ve had periods where I’ll write daily and prodigiously, but I am slow to share my work because I tend to go in cycles of first drafts without finishing the rewrites. When I’m not writing I’m often making music under the moniker The Amazing Sloth Rider.

When I’m doing neither of those things I’m doing something else. There’s more to life than just music and writing.

One day I may kick myself for sharing too much. Some of my thoughts and (fictional) stories do not align with societies current values, in particular the values of corporations that currently give me money in exchange for large chunks of my time. I’m not going to censor myself on my own website, so if you’re reading this and don’t like it, and you’re from HR or some shit, go fuck yourself.

For everyone else I hope you enjoy your wander around in my mind.